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photographie mariage montpellier
Feel free to be yourself

The wedding day is a unique day because your story is unique! We prefer, by training and conviction, that the memories of your best day are the truest possible representation of the couple and the atmosphere of that day.

This is why we prefer to relegate cliché photographs to rather isolated moments. In this way, working outside the rules of today’s fashion and instagram, but preserving a modern photographic imprint, and which has its roots in true photography, in many years your album of memories will always be fresh and « modern » , and truthful. Unique and not standardized.  For this reason we like to say that…

“ La photographie de mariage doit être intemporelle

As love is out of time, so too the photograph that describes it should be!

Telling the story of your day is impresciondibile from knowing each other. For this reason Nathalie and I will be very happy to welcome you for an informal aperitif in our studio, so that you can tell yourself and how you want your day. In the impossibility of meeting we will be happy to use all the means that technology makes available to us, for a « virtual » aperitif!

During photo shoots, we will move in a very discreet way even if we were in the middle of the scene and among your guests. We will be literally invisible. Of course we love making portraits, and even these, you will not miss in the album of your memories.

We recognize that a wedding is made of many differents moments, fashion, naturalness, portrait and fun. We will be there to read with you the nuances of a day so determined for your life, as it was for ours.

Come and meet us! Nathalie & Domenico

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