Beagles of Burgundy

Beagles of Burgundy

In the house of Macaron & Vespa, a small beagle lives happily, her name is Louise.
A day, we came across BeaglesofBurgundy association, in the beautiful region of Burgundy, where Virginie and Bertrand lovingly fight the battle to save from the laboratories and an almost certain euthanasia of the beagles much less fortunate than our.
We could not resist asking for a twinning to allow us to sponsor their great initiative.

The home of free beagles

Virginie and Bob have made a real paradise for unfortunate beagles. A space of freedom of about 12 hectares, in the heart of an inspiring landscape and rich wooded spaces. Here the beagles can play and run happily and where they have a cottage specially prepared for them.

It is not a refuge, nor a kennel. It is the home of free beagles.

Sharing the Beagles’ Happiness with humans who need it

Since 2019 Virginie, Bertrand and Isabelle make the unfortunate beagles happy and share their happiness with the humans who need it.
In collaboration with the institutions, they organize meetings with handicapped children, with elderly people and with Alzheimer’s patients. In addition to this, they contribute to making happy families willing to give the beagles a new existence.

Macaron & Vespa and Beagles of Burgundy

We at Macaron & Vespa have embraced this cause with great enthusiasm and have decided to donate a percentage of our income to the BOB association. Of course, we will reserve special conditions for all of you who want a portrait with your inseparable furry friends.

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