Something unexpected

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There are unexpected marriages, which are not dominated by infrastructures or even by a military organization.
They are weddings in which true love and friendship that bind people still prevail.

They are weddings in which the location contributes to enveloping everything in a magical balance, exalting it. It is no coincidence that at the wedding of Zoé and Jordan it went just like that. The enchantment wrapped everything and everyone, in a gust of wind like in a film by Pupi Avati.

A poetic location, a maison completely made of wood and respectful of the environment. An enchanted Mediterranean garden, suspended in time by its furnishings collected over the course of a lifetime and, therefore, steeped in stories.

A garden left free to « let off steam » without constraints, in full respect of the rhythms of nature.
A location not for everyone, only for Zoè & Jordan.

We of Macaron & Vespa, Nathalie and Domenico, we were there and we are proud of having witnessed this magic.